Creating Auto Build Parts

CreataCRM has Auto Build Part items. This is for Items that you build often, and you would like a auto build functionality to automate the build for speed. This document helps you create a Auto Building items from creataCRM warehouse.

Create a product Service

Goto Sale Home - > Sales - > Product & Services

Create a new Product Service

Click on New for Product and Services that is the end product

Fill in the end product

Add the product and the price

Add the items that create the product

If you can goto the Auto build tab below the buyers description and then click new

Add the items to build the item, Like a Chocolate biscuit

Choose the item that if going to build the item, for example Self raising flour

  1. Add the item
  2. Add the Quantity amount

When you are finish with the items you have build

For the example below, a choclate biscuit is made up of caster Sugar, Cocoa power, Margarine and Self raising flour. You need to make sure these items are stocked in the warehouse in the warehouse.

Please make sure all items are stock in the warehouse,

To check, Click on Tools - Add to Warehouse for each ware house

Add the product to the warehouse

Add the item to the Warehouse. Make sure it is in the same warehouse

To Confirm its in the warehouse

Click on the warehouse and review the items that need to be built in the warehouse

Do a quick stock take

  1. Tick on the items that are needing the numbers adjust

Create a New Stock Take

  1. Name
  2. Counted By
  3. Create Stocktake

Add Numbers to the Stock take

This is adding Numbers to the stocktake. In the Count Form change the numbers

Change the numbers of the count

  1. Adjust numbers
  2. Save and Close

Complete Entry

Click on Complete Entry

To Build Item on Warehouse

  1. Select the item
  2. click on Tools Build item

Add the items you would like to build

Click ont he edit button

Typpe int he items to build

  1. edit the items to build and save and close
  2. Click on OK

Teh Auto Build item has taken off stock

We took off 2 Chocolate biscuits,

It took off

  1. 2 X 2 Caster Sugar
  2. 2 X 1 Cocoa Power
  3. 2 X 3 Margarine
  4. 2 X 2 Self Raising Flour

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