Stocktakes in CreataCRM

This article will describe how to do a stocktake in the CRM.

Stocktakes are used to adjust inventory values in warehouses.

Click on Warehouse in the nagivation, then in the List View click on the warehouse you want to do the stocktake for.

Click the New Stocktake button

In the Tools menu, choose New Stocktake.

Choose stocktake items

In the popup you can choose which items the stocktake will count by clicking on the blue "+" in the list of Warehouse Items.

When you have the stocktake list set up, click the Create Stocktake button at the top.

Modify Counts or Adjustment Amount [1]

Expand the Items section of the Stocktake view, and you should see the following list.

If you click on the edit button next to one of the lines...

Modify Counts or Adjustment Amount [2]

You will be able to change the Count or Adjustment amount of the stocktake item.

Both of these values are calculated if the other is edited:

Editing the Count will set the Adjustment based on the following formula: (On Hand - Count)

Editing the Adjustment value will set the Count based on the following formula: (On Hand + Adjustment)

Both values may be negative unless other rules prevent that.

When you're done click Save and Close.

Using Count Sheets [1]

When viewing the Stocktake, in the Tools menu there is an option to create a Count Sheet.

This will create a document that can be edited to set the current counts of all items on the stocktake.

Using Count Sheets [2]

The Generate Count Sheet Options popup will appear:

  1. Tick Show Number if you want the item sheet to includea column for Item Number
  2. Tick Show Name if you want the item sheet to include a column for Name
  3. Tick Show Name if you want the item sheet to include a column for Description
  4. Click OK

Using Count Sheets [3]

Your browser will download a CountSheet.csv. Opening it, you will see it contains the columns you specified in Using Count Sheets [2]

Modify the Counts

Chang the numbers in the Count column to match what they should be. Make sure to save the document after the changes have been made.

Upload the Count Sheet [1]

Back in CreataCRM, in the tools menu, choose Set Counts from Count Sheet

Browse to the file that was created, and upload it. Click OK to set the stocktake values.

Upload the Count Sheet [2]

The Count Sheet Upload Options popup will appear:

  1. Select the CSV file you want to upload counts from
  2. Tick Match Using Item Number if you want to match counts based on the Item Number column, instead of the Oid column
  3. Click OK

Finalize the Stocktake

Once the data in the stocktake is correct, whether by manualy modification or using the count sheet, it can be finalized.

A stocktake doesn't affect the stock levels in the warehouse until it is finalized. To Finalize the stocktake, click the "Complete Entry" button.

A popup will ask you confirm that the stocktake is completed - once complete, a stocktake cannot be changed or edited further.

Check Warehouse Stock

Check the stock levels in the warehouse again - they will have adjusted based on the values in the stocktake.

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